About the Documentary

Our intention is to educate, share, and encourage open conversations about this topic while providing valuable tools people can come away with to immediately start saving lives, whether that be for themselves or for someone they know. One in four people suffer from mental illness, 350million people suffer from depression, and one suicide occurs every 40 seconds. However, we believe that through this documentary, we can start turning that around immediately and effectively. Our intention is to have the audience come away with tools they can apply immediately, knowledge they can carry with them every day for the rest of their lives, and the inspiration that will empower them to fulfill a life worth living.

Funds received will support the continued filming and development of our documentary projects. All of the brave participants featured in our documentary are volunteers for our mission, and are actively fighting against the taboo. Their stories are real, heartbreaking, hard to face, yet everywhere. They have survived, through thick and thin, blood and tears- and they are not afraid to admit it. We have many more survivors and advocates who are desperate to share their stories, and our funds will go toward facilitating their interviews (renting studio space, cameras, sound and lighting equipment, and other pre and post production necessities). F will allow us to respond quickly when filming opportunities arise, as many subjects travel great distances to share their stories. These funds will also enable us to complete necessary post production such as editing, sound and color correction, and the marketing and distribution necessary to ensure that the educational film becomes easily assessable to anyone and everyone in order to educate on this vital lifesaving subject.

We will be submitting our documentary to numerous local and national festivals, and plan to provide our film and accompanying tools for educational purposes to schools, both public and private. Additionally, through a reliable distributor, we will seek a licensing deal with streaming services so that our educational resources can reach as many homes as possible, magnifying our life-changing impact.

 Because many people don’t know when someone close to them is suffering, we provide the tools to recognize warning signs and encourage discussion and intervention. Additionally, we hope to reach people who are suffering from mental health issues and feel ostracized or isolated. We promote the message that there is nothing wrong with talking about mental health, there is nothing wrong with those who suffer, and that taking care of one’s mental health is paramount to leading a healthy life. Suicide doesn’t discriminate, it effects men and women of all ages, demographics, and circumstances, and so our intended audience is anyone who feels like they are suffering alone, anyone who wants to reach out for help and doesn’t know how, and anyone who may otherwise miss the warning signs that, if recognized, could mean the difference between life and death.

At Breaking Taboo, our mission is to save lives by promoting mental health awareness and encouraging conversation around “taboo” topics. Our ultimate desire is that those who watch and share our film will gain practical, useful knowledge that will help them take immediate, actionable steps to increase awareness of mental health issues, and take steps to save the lives of those who would otherwise be shamed into silence, or even for their own lives. They will also have access resources, which we will encourage them to share with their networks, magnifying the impact of this life changing and life-saving work.