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Guidelines for Self Love <3

Valentines day is a day OF love. “LOVE” is a phenomenon that has been the subject of controversy since the beginning of civilization, from poets to artists to psychologists, scientists, and religions. But today, we are going to talk about a different kind of love, and...

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How To Survive The Holidays

Ahh the holidays! Makes us think of hot cocoa, sweet music, presents, snow, and STRESS! Cooking and slaving. Lights and expectations. Family and tension. It’s no wonder that therapists and holistic healers experience a spike in the amount of bookings as they near the...

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Everything Can Be Addictive: Part 1

Blog Title: “Addicted” Means Everything After the death of my older brother who died from overdose to guaifenesin, also known as Mucinex, I was shocked and appalled to see how many people were uneducated as to what an addiction is, including the authorities and...

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Al-Anon: What Is It & Is It Right For You?

“We believe alcoholism is a family illness and that changes attitudes can in aid recovery” -Al-Anon Al-Anon was co-founded in 1951 by Anne B and Lois W. The Al-Anon family groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience,...

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Pill Shaming: Lets Talk About It

There are millions of people who suffer from mental health disorders all across the world. A lot of people need to take medication on a daily basis to stay afloat. Suffering from a mental illness is difficult enough, so why is there shame that surrounds taking...

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Mental Health & Homelessness are Correlational

The Positive Feedback Loop. Do you know that people experiencing homelessness are more susceptible to poorer mental health conditions than the general population? The difficulties faced by them and the environmental conditions they live in can trigger mental illness...

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The Problem with Mental Health in America

We have a problem in America. Not enough people have access to proper mental health education and they don’t have access to doctors that can help with their mental illness. Should our government be doing more? What needs to be done? 14.7% (over 6.3 million) of adults...

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