Breaking the taboo around mental health is no easy feat – we could use your help. If you or anyone you know would like to help or offer services, please drop us a line us below.

Also, you can contact Serena here regarding her coaching services.


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Meet Serena
Serena Sun is the Founder and Director of Breaking Taboo. After losing more than one friend to suicide, she committed herself to educating people about suicide prevention. First by conducting seminars on middle school, high school and college campuses and then by creating a non-profit organization. She is also a personal life coach and helps clients get through mental and emotional blocks to achieve a life they create for themselves. Through Breaking Taboo, she aims to¬†combines her degree & background in psychology, her experience in film, and her many years of philanthropic work to create unique and powerful change. “In order to truly change such issues,” Serena advocates, “We must first break the taboo surrounding it.”

For Booking Seminars and Life Coaching inquires, contact Serena.

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