You guys are doing a great service to the community!

Dead Eye Coffee Bar

To those struggling with mental health and doing their best every day

Rani Lu

Thank you to all of you for openly discussing such a stigmatized topic that is so need of your kind of support.

Anna Rosenfeld

In memory of somebody I care about who was a victim of the taboo.

Christine Mullarkey

This is a worthy project promoting a critically important cause. Good for you for being such a staunch advocate!

Dr. Andrea Grant

Thank you for your work and efforts put into this cause! So needed and very much appreciated.

Mrs. Veronica Deneumostier

From the Set to Shine Community to help spread awareness and spark conversation about mental health!

Laura B Mrugalski

Set To Shine Jewelry

To me the topic of suicide prevention and mental health is important because I believe everyone struggles in some way. When one person opens up and let’s themselves be vulnerable – it can give others the confidence to speak up about their problems. I’ve seen this in my own friends and teammates – and the support that you can cultivate is unmatched. After several suicides on our campus last year it’s so important to me that I allow myself to be vulnerable and give others the space to do so.

Mr. Owen L.S.

A privilege to collaborate with this important cause and foundation. Keep up the good work!

San Francisco's Hometown Creamery

Serena, the person behind the bold message, Breaking Taboo is a true change maker in an unprecedented time. Thank you for speaking out and creating a safe space to educate the public and help destigmatize mental illness!

Julie Lyons


Thankful for all the good you are doing for so many on this all-important health issue.

Marijo Ng

Thank you for bringing light to those who have been living in darkness.

Om School

Let’s work together for the Breaking Taboo cause! One by One we can change lives. Love and Respect to all

Patty Adolph