Serena Hope Sun

Founder & Director
Breaking Taboo

Serena Sun is the Founder and Director of Breaking Taboo. After losing more than one friend to suicide, she committed herself to educating people about suicide prevention. First by conducting seminars on middle school, high school and college campuses and then by creating a non-profit organization.

Through Breaking Taboo, she combines her degree & background in psychology, personal development, her experience in film, and her many years of philanthropic work to create unique and powerful change.

Serena is trained in Suicide Assessment and has worked with at risk youth in areas of life skills development, creative therapy, and anti-prejudice awareness. She is also a multi-certified life coach and mental health & wellness coach, and holds internationally accredited certifications in CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Serena is both a mental health advocate and an advocate for the creative arts as therapeutic expressions of the self. She has a background in music- specifically concert piano- and enjoys giving back the gift of music and the arts. She has worked on various film sets both in front of and behind the camera, is a former model, and enjoys writing and literature. She is currently finishing her first novel and book of poetry.

A true humanitarian, Serena has continuously volunteered for decades since the age of thirteen, in animal shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and homeless food drives.

As far as mental health and suicide prevention, Serena advocates, “In order to truly change such issues, we must first break the taboo surrounding it.”

For media, booking public speaking seminars, interviews, podcasts and life coaching inquires, contact Serena.

Serena and the Team