Breaking Taboo aims to do just that — break the taboo surrounding Mental Health and Suicide. Our intention is to educate, share, and encourage open conversations about this topic.

We believe that in order to solve a problem, we must focus on the root cause: its a taboo subject that people are afraid or ashamed to even discuss. In order to save lives, we must kill the silence, and in order to kill the silence we must break the taboo.

By promoting awareness on mental health and suicide prevention we save lives!
We actively encourage conversations instead of stigmatizing them. Our mission is to educate and provide practical tools everyone can use including survival, step by step application, help, information, and resources. These tools that can save lives in times of crisis. Tools that people can take away with them to gain better mental health every day. Tools that inspire others to live a life without shame and frustration.

You can make a difference and spark positive social change.