Our goal is to have mental health education available to everyone from the comfort of their homes. A reflection of our mission, the intention of our film is to leave our audience equipped with the tools to save lives, the knowledge to handle mental health, the ability to have open conversations, the encouragement to get help, and the inspiration to help others.  

Your donation enables us to complete our long-awaited documentary which focuses on our mission of breaking the taboo around mental health and suicide. This documentary will be available for the general public as a valuable educational resource, and will also be screened in classrooms nationwide for adolescents and college students. It is time to dive into the subject of mental health and provide the world with knowledge.

 With our hope, we may provide the education and resources a student may need to help them or a friend with any emotional or mental problem they may be facing and to recognize and handle signs of distress in themselves or in others. By sharing these brave stories and by opening the conversation, we are letting people know that they are not alone in their struggles. This documentary will give individuals vital, life saving tools so that we may start to see the numbers for getting treatment increase, and the numbers for suicide finally decrease.

 Thank you for helping us to kill the silence around mental health and suicide and to save lives.

Breaking Taboo is nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mental health & suicide prevention education and awareness.

We aim to Provide, Educate, Inspire, Create, and Transform.
We are transforming the way mental health is approached!
Without victimizing nor stigmatizing, we are creating a shift in society and a better world.
We start with the root cause and expand from there. Because the only way to solve an issue is to start at the beginning.
We provide accessible education to the public on a variety of topics, as well as vital, life saving tools while breaking the taboo around important sensitive topics.
We inspire hope and life saving/ life enhancing conversations about sensitive topics- and we teach people how to have these important conversations.
Our message is that mental health IS health, is just as important as physical health – and should be treated that way.
We have created a community and an entire movement. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help!
Nonprofits depend on donations and we rely on people like you to help us create this major change.
Please help us by making a gift so that we can continue this vital work.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible.
  •  1 suicide occurs every 40 seconds.
  • 90% of suicides are preventable.
  • 1 in every 4 people suffer from a mental health condition.
  • Most suicides have an underlying mental health condition, whether diagnosed or not.
    *Numbers are likely higher, as they often go unreported.
It’s never too late to get help, treatment, and better tools to change a life and save a life.

Our supporters and partners fuel every aspect of our hard work. Help us create a better world- a world in which the numbers for suicide finally decrease. A world where mental health is treated with the same consideration as physical health. A world where everyone has the education and tools to take care of themselves and others. If you would like to see these changes, please give a contribution today and help us save lives.
The world needs this work now more than ever and every second counts! Please, take the necessary action right now to join us in Breaking Taboo and Saving Lives!


Thank you for contributing to our work and for helping us make our mission a reality!

Halfway through filming

We have spent the past few years raising funds, gathering resources, creating connections, and booking interviews. It takes an army to create a meaningful film. Help us turn our most impactful project into reality. Every second counts, one suicide occurs every twelve seconds. Anyone could be affected: a friend, neighbor, relative, loved one, or yourself. It is absolutely vital to be able to recognize and handle signs of distress and how to approach such topics. Thank you for helping us to kill the silence around mental health and suicide and to save lives.


All of the brave participants featured in our documentary are actively fighting against the taboo. Their stories are real, at times heartbreaking but ultimately, inspirational. They have battled, survived, and they are not afraid to admit it. 

We also work with many mental health professionals, executives, and treatment centers to provide life saving information.

If you are interested in collaborating, sponsoring, or offering your film services, please contact us.

the documentary

Imagine giving people not only the ability and knowledge of how to, but also, importantly, the desire to start having necessary conversations– conversations and strategies that can lead to more lives being saved. As a nonprofit, Breaking Taboo is providing knowledge to the public that they can carry with them every day for the rest of their lives, as well as the inspiration that will empower them to fulfill a life worth living. 

Through this first-of-it’s-kind documentary, we can start turning that around immediately and effectively. This educational awareness documentary explores society’s taboo around mental health while providing useful education and real life, tangible tools. It is an awesome opportunity to set examples of open dialogue about otherwise silently misunderstood topics while teaching life-saving tools that viewers can utilize in their own lives. Using empathy and education to break shame and stigma, all those struggling with mental health in any capacity can openly work toward recovery. Now is the time to change society at large.

funding allocation

Funds received will support the continued filming and development of our documentary projects.  Our funds will go toward facilitating their interviews and on location filming (studio space, cameras, travel, sound and lighting equipment, and other production necessities).

Funding will allow us to respond quickly when filming opportunities arise, as many subjects and advocates for this work travel great distances across the world and across the country to share their stories. Funding will also allow for on location filming to showcase the world of mental health, treatment centers, institutions, etc.

These funds will also enable us to complete necessary and expensive post production costs such as editing, sound and color correction, and the marketing and distribution necessary to ensure that the educational film becomes accessible to anyone and everyone who might be in need of help. 

Our plan is to have our film shown as part of our ongoing mental health course for school systems and campuses across the country.

words from our community


“It reminds me that I’m not alone and that my life is worth living- even when it doesn’t feel like it.”

- @breakingtaboo supporter

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