Mental Health Education Program | Breaking Taboo

 Mental Health Awareness is becoming an increasingly vital part of school curricula nationwide. Learn how Breaking Taboo is resolving to provide students and educators with the necessary tools.

This year and beyond, Breaking Taboo is embarking upon a mission to create and provide educational materials and support to schools across the country. We hope to fill the needs of educators seeking to:

  • supply their students with reading materials focused on social emotional learning
  • provision and construct on-campus wellness centers that offer welcoming environments to support students’ development and mental health
  • facilitate programs dedicated to prevention, peer support, and mental health counseling
  • organize Hope Squads and other peer intervention groups meant to counter bullying, promote resilience, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health

In 2022, Breaking Taboo provided 500 students in Vineyard, Utah, with supplies and reading materials to create and run their very own Hope Squad – a program whose goal is to prevent youth suicide among their peers through education, training, and peer intervention. More than a third of the students Breaking Taboo supported come from low-income households.




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